About J. Etta


We are J.Etta and our mission is to empower all people going through or suffering hair-loss (and anyone who loves
to accessorize) with the most beautiful, fashion forward and comfortable headwear.


who is j.etta

Our founder, Michele Krauss, lost her beautiful mother to cancer in 2013. Following a year of debilitating grief, J.Etta was born with the dream of bringing joy and comfort to women going through cancer treatment. The name J.Etta is a homage to Michele’s mom, Janet Henrietta Van Beek. Janet loved to shop and feel completely “put together” but when she began to lose her hair due to treatment she struggled to feel feminine and confident. Being a fashion lover herself, Michele wanted to create edgy, stylish and comfortable options for women
to accessorize who they are each day while feeling the comfort and protection the caps offer. 

Each cap is meticulously constructed from our hand selected fabrics, to our quality stitched inner seams and hand stitched J charms. No matter who you want to be each day, there’s a cap for you. Are you a boho queen or love being one with nature? Try our line of Earth Tone
caps & accessories. Are you a color lover who enjoys a little “wow factor” in her look? Check out our Brights line.
Do you just love being warm and cozy while sleeping? Our Tie Dye Sunrise cap is like a soft, warm hug.

Now let’s talk about those post chemo curls. The excitement of regrowth meets the how-do-I-style-this anxiety. Well, we can help! Hello darling headbands and hair clips! Press those curls back with a sweet headband. Or just tuck one side back with our precious hair clips.  


Happy shopping! 


Please feel free to send us a note or any questions you may have. We'd love to “meet" you,
hear your story and help you find the perfect headwear. 

-xo, The J.Etta Team

In Loving Memory Of My Mom

Janet Henrietta Van Beek

10.01.1957 - 06.07.2013